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Here you will find all the information needed to get enrolled in an electrician apprenticeship program in your state, find prospective employers, choose a college where you can take electrician training classes and eventually receive your journeyman licence. For those who want to make the most amount of money possible, see the steps needed to become a Master Electrician and owning your own electrical company.  Read electrical tool reviews so that you can buy the correct tool for the job the first time, rather than wasting time and money on inferior tools.

A career in the electrical field is a relatively secure career.  Electricity is just dangerous enough that you do not get many people who want to do it themselves. But a proper functioning electrical system in the home or business is not something people are willing to do without.  Becoming an electrician takes both book work through the apprenticeship program, and extensive on-the-job training.  Because both areas are required, applicants who are not truly committed to a career as an electrician are weeded out.

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Recommended Electrician Books

Ugly's Electric Motors and Controls National Electrical Code 2011 (National Fire Protection Association National Electrical Code)